Alain was born in Teheran, Iran and grew up in Vienna, Austria. Since his early childhood, he dreamed of being an actor on the big screen.

Alain has acted in many short and independent feature movies. Recently, he played a prison inmate in the major motion picture Septembers of Shiraz starring Adrien Brody, Salma Hayek and Shoohreh Agdashloo where he doubled as Adrien’s and Salma’s private accent coach. He also performs in commercials such as the recent American Greetings in May 2014.

Outside of acting, Alain is a successful public speaker, competing in motivational and inspirational speech contests worldwide. In his public speaking he shares his experiences of life and tries to give back what he has learned from the amazing and interesting people he has met throughout his journey. Recently he competed in the 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking and is one of the top 9 worldwide.



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